Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sensa, doing its job however that is

I started using Sensa and wanted to touch base with how I perceive it
to be working. My educational background is social/psyche so I will
probably also be analyzing myself too.

I didn't think that an over the counter product would have that big of
a non-amphetamine effect. I understand the concept, the Tastants(R)
are inhaled both through your mouth as you are chewing and through
your nose on the way in. They chemically interact somehow with the
center of the brain responsible for fullness and satiety. The above is
my take, please comment if you know different or if I said it in a
wrong way.

So I have been using this powder. There is sweet/salty. You use the
powder for what the food mostly is, salty on Pizza, sweet on a candy
bar. Salty on a Payday maybe and sweet on corn.

The thing I wonder the most, is about the psychology of mindful
eating. I used to belong to a yahoo group a couple of years ago
called no-diet. There are also books that address this topic [mindful
eating]. Does this powder work or does it make me THINK about
everything I put into my body? One of the things about successful
'diets' or eating plans usually is that you track everything that goes
into your body.

I am not counting calories. I am not tracking carbs, fat, or sugar.
I don't know if I am losing weight either because I haven't weighed
since I did the first 'before the diet' weigh-in. The thing that I am
doing now that is different than before Sensa is: 1) I stopped
drinking soda (approx 5 cans a week) and 2) I am actively thinking
about what I eat by having to remember to sprinkle the powder.

I am not eating as much. The materials for Sensa mentioned that it
wouldn't work right away, but that I would see results and to keep
using the powder. I think I am seeing results already. I am
thrilled. I have always been a foody. I like the taste of food and
hate to leave food on my plate. Yet since I started Sensa I have been
mindful of eating, and trying to stop and say to myself "Do I want
more?". I have surprised myself when I have chosen to stop eating, and
not felt like I was still hungry.

I think it's working and I am excited. Now if only they could come up
with a powder to make me WANT to exercise.

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Gorgeous. said...

OH that sounds interesting! I could sure go for a powder that makes me want to exercise! Let me know when you find one! ; D