Monday, February 23, 2009

DID you KNOW that MAGICAL things HAPPEN every DAY?

I want to do a blog highlight!  

I am a part of a group that was started by the founder of the website Magical Childhood.  I am really blessed to be a part of her group.  She is the infamous author of the article:  What Should a 4 Year Old Know?  This article has been sited all over the web by people who believe that children will LEARN so stop forcing flashcards down their throat.  She has a lot to offer,  she is a mom of 5, she has wonderful ideas.  Her main website is A Magical Childhood and it offers up articles on so many helpful things, like how to make homemade ooblek to ideas for art and other wonderful crafts.  

She has started a blog to go along with the Magical Childhood site, and although it just started I know that there will be a lot of great and 'cool' things that will be coming through there.  I definitely suggest that you add this one to your feed reader.   The Magical Childhood Blog   will be one of your favorite reads, I promise.

Find her website here:  A Magical Childhood

Find the New Magical child Blog here:  A Magical Childhood Blog

Find her Home school Blog here:  Magic and Mayhem

Find a wonderful yahoo group of AP Mama's here.

EDIT:  Alicia kindly let me know that she had 4 children and 1 husband, not 5 children as previously mentioned.  


Alicia said...

Aw, thanks Apes! Are you counting Daryl as one of my kids though? I only have 4 kids unless you know something I don't. ;) Sometimes it feels like at least a dozen though!

Risa said...

LOL! I was wondering the same thing--was Daryl one of the kids? :-) Alicia has so many helpful and practical ideas of how to make memories with your children--she rocks!

Anonymous said...


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