Monday, February 2, 2009

SENSA weightloss my my ass

So I have been using Sensa for about a month (in a day or so).   I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 211.5 and I was like woohoo, I am using this powdered white stuff that they say is 'just smells' to make my brain say "you're full, you fatty" but really is probably amphetamines in disguise because whoever heard of smells in white powder form?

So I am brushing my teeth (at 12pm because when you home school you can totally sleep in and then do school after lunch)  thinking about 211.5 and I think, "I wonder if I weigh again if it will be the same?   Cause I mean I haven't been dieting or anything and I didn't zero the scale out so I bet it was a mistake."    Well who is always right?   WHO?   Me that's who.   I shouldn't argue with myself.   I zero'd the scale out and the new weight is


I wish I could say I was happy about that number but I have that body dismorphic disorder where you look in the mirror and your eyes see a big flabby fat ass.   The number is lower than
the starting number and I HAVEN'T done anything to lose weight other than sprinkle white powder on most of the food that I eat.    OK so I am a little happy and a little pissed off because really free weight loss products should kick ass.

Ok so almost 10 pounds in a month (226 - 217.5 = 8.5) 8.5 pounds is no laughing matter for a month.

Congratulations to me.


Risa said...

Well done! I've been working on things from the other direction--slowly but surely increasing my exercise levels, but not worrying yet about what I am eating. If you wanna join me, my advice is keep the exercise short! A walk around the block (5-10 minutes); a 10 minute (20 with 5 mins warm up and cool down) workout on the treadmill, doing silly yoga poses with the kids. Keep getting healthier, April!

Alicia said...

8 1/2 pounds is great! You still beat a bunch of those "Biggest Loser" contestants who had to lose at home for a month, and THEY knew they were going to be weighed again on TV afterwards! :) Besides, they say if you want to lose real weight 2-3 pounds a week is the only realistic goal, so you're rocking it.

I don't have a scale but I really want to start exercising more, for the kids and for me. Things just don't look right on my lower half. ;)