Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today I spent an obscene bit of my afternoon going through boxes in the garage.  My intent was that I was going to look into the first box I opened and magically find David's leather Jacket.  I think, but am unsure, that I saw the jacket in August when our things were in the storage unit and we had to go storage unit diving for dress up clothes for my cousins wedding (who insisted on having a swanky wedding with dinner, dancing and friends instead of a justice of the peace where i could have worn jeans).  

So back to August.  David had to monkey climb his way into the far reaches of our storage unit looking for boxes that said they have clothes in them.  This was my first taste on how the movers labeled.  I mean who'd of thunk that a box labeled ornaments would contain Davids framed certifications or that we would have to unravel miles of blank newsprint, and acres of bubble wrap to get into things.  There are things I haven't found yet (Davids leather jacket, my crock pot among the lost).  

the first 2 boxes are trash (newssprint and bubble wrap) from 4 boxes I unpacked TODAY
Eventually the set of smaller shelves will make it into the house... 
once they don't have crap on them and David sands and repaints them (are you laughing yet?)

David stayed in the house today whilst I did my best to organize things (does bringing things inside the house so that there are boxes in the living instead of the garage count as organizing?).

boxes of linens, and stereo/dvd/speakers
Ignore the yarn label that was from the move TO St. Lucia.

 I found approximately nine boxes of kid toys. NINE! Who needs that many toys.  I do not buy my kid toys except for at Christmas.  I haven't yet figured out where the darn things come from. 

The boxes of toys (the white ones)

I never found my crock pot or David's jacket.  David says they must be in a box of toys.  I only got into the boxes about half way.. enough to determine to my satisfaction (at the time) that there were only toys in the box, and then I put it along the wall with the other boxes that I determined were toys.  So now on another day, and another frustrating time, I will have to sort through the toys in those boxes.  

Poor David.  He has been wearing a windbreaker he bought a couple of years ago to wear while he rode his bike.  I wish we could find that jacket.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My cousin, the Philippines, and an orphanage

Me, Amanda, and the M's
Originally uploaded by twin_sitter

My cousin is working at an Orphanage in the Philippines. She was born there when my Aunt and Uncle where missionaries there 18 years ago. I don't hear many updates from her, but I am enjoying watching her time there through her Flickr Photo Stream. If you want to see some pictures you can see them here.

I learned a new photoshop technique

I was playing with photoshop and trying out a selective color guide which I saw at Blissfully Domestic: Photo-Bliss and here is what I came up with.

Here is the original Photo:

Here is the finished product:

If you want to know how to do this check out the Photo-Bliss Blog at Blissfully Domestic :-)

Thank you the C who let me use her beautiful photograph to show you this technique.