Monday, February 23, 2009

DID you KNOW that MAGICAL things HAPPEN every DAY?

I want to do a blog highlight!  

I am a part of a group that was started by the founder of the website Magical Childhood.  I am really blessed to be a part of her group.  She is the infamous author of the article:  What Should a 4 Year Old Know?  This article has been sited all over the web by people who believe that children will LEARN so stop forcing flashcards down their throat.  She has a lot to offer,  she is a mom of 5, she has wonderful ideas.  Her main website is A Magical Childhood and it offers up articles on so many helpful things, like how to make homemade ooblek to ideas for art and other wonderful crafts.  

She has started a blog to go along with the Magical Childhood site, and although it just started I know that there will be a lot of great and 'cool' things that will be coming through there.  I definitely suggest that you add this one to your feed reader.   The Magical Childhood Blog   will be one of your favorite reads, I promise.

Find her website here:  A Magical Childhood

Find the New Magical child Blog here:  A Magical Childhood Blog

Find her Home school Blog here:  Magic and Mayhem

Find a wonderful yahoo group of AP Mama's here.

EDIT:  Alicia kindly let me know that she had 4 children and 1 husband, not 5 children as previously mentioned.  

Monday, February 9, 2009

Too much time (and Beer) on their hands

I watched this youtube video today.  I thought it was hilarious.  I am glad I am not theone that had to clean up after them... 

If anyone that reads this can translate this to english I would be interested in know what the text says (just not interested enough to transcribe and input into a translation matrix LOL)

Books for learning

I use google feed reader every day. I subscribe to all kinds of feeds
from Mommy blogs to Frugal/money saver blogs, to home school and

Today on the blog Montessori for Everyone, She wrote about the books
she thought essential in an Elementary classroom (or home school

I recommend going and reading her blog today I might just be about to
spend a lot of money on books lol.


Turn off the TV and read a book. It is called thinking outside the 'box'.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Shoe throwing: The new insult

I was minding my own business browsing through my emails in GMAIL and up popped this news piece in the news feed.

It only reminded me of this:

and then I wondered, with all the shoe throwing going on, is there a lot of left wing elitist gits walking around limping because they only have one shoe on?  I mean come on, I don't like you so I am going to throw my shoe at you??  Therefore making my chances of running away (or rather GETTING away by running) unsuccessful.

Is this one of those times where you award an 'I'm Stoopid' sign?

You might think that by calling some imaginary people 'left wing elitist gits' that I am a right wing moral upstanding citizen.

You would be wrong.  I believe in making fun  equal representation of  all political idiots.

Rice pudding is my nemesis

So every month or so, instead of SAVING leftover rice to eat, I decide I just have to make some rice pudding.   Well I call it rice pudding, but growing up it was just called sweet rice.   So whatever you want to call it be my guest.   You take leftover rice and you dump a bunch of milk over it in a pan and you cook it for like 20 minutes at a simmer and sometime in there you add some sugar and spices of your choice.   I like cinnamon and nutmeg.   You simmer away and at about the 12-14 minute mark slowly stir in 2 beaten eggs.   (See the addition of eggs makes it pudding because pudding has eggs.   AND  if it didnt have eggs it would just me some milky sweet rice mixture that was just thrown together but because there is eggs you totally meant to make this gloppy mess)

But hell on wheels I just can't figure out why I make this stuff.   Imean I make it, set it on the counter to cool, have a very small portion of it usually consisting of me walking by about 10 times and jabbing my finger into it and tasting it...  then 24 hours later I come along and throw the stuff away because really I don't like it and no one else here will eat it.

So why do I make it? I don't have a clue.   I mean why does a man not ask for directions and why do Jehovah Witnesses ask you if you know jesus when obviously you are alive and they believe Jesus is the cause of all that so why do they go around asking unless they aren't sure in which case why are they asking me since I totally don't know.

So if you hear me say I plan on making rice pudding please remind me that I don't like it.

SENSA weightloss my my ass

So I have been using Sensa for about a month (in a day or so).   I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 211.5 and I was like woohoo, I am using this powdered white stuff that they say is 'just smells' to make my brain say "you're full, you fatty" but really is probably amphetamines in disguise because whoever heard of smells in white powder form?

So I am brushing my teeth (at 12pm because when you home school you can totally sleep in and then do school after lunch)  thinking about 211.5 and I think, "I wonder if I weigh again if it will be the same?   Cause I mean I haven't been dieting or anything and I didn't zero the scale out so I bet it was a mistake."    Well who is always right?   WHO?   Me that's who.   I shouldn't argue with myself.   I zero'd the scale out and the new weight is


I wish I could say I was happy about that number but I have that body dismorphic disorder where you look in the mirror and your eyes see a big flabby fat ass.   The number is lower than
the starting number and I HAVEN'T done anything to lose weight other than sprinkle white powder on most of the food that I eat.    OK so I am a little happy and a little pissed off because really free weight loss products should kick ass.

Ok so almost 10 pounds in a month (226 - 217.5 = 8.5) 8.5 pounds is no laughing matter for a month.

Congratulations to me.