Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[Sponsored Post] Private Selection Taste of Summer Campaign

Private Selection Brand foods are available at Kroger Family Stores.

BZZAGENT Alert :-)

I recently joined the Private Selection Taste of Summer Campaign on Bzzagent.  Bzzagent if you didn't know is a website that you sign up for and then receive products which you then review to your friends and family and acquaintances.  They usually send you a product, a coupon for a free product, and coupons for dollars off to share with friends.

I received a bag of Private Selection Sea Salt and Black Pepper Kettle Chips.  They were pretty tasty.  my son described them as tasting like french fries.  It took me several tries to get my daughter to taste them as the 'black pepper' in the title made her take an instant dislike.

I thought they were very good.  They are not too salty and the black pepper added a nice flavor punch without any added spiciness.

I also received coupons for a free pint of Private Selection ice cream, a free pound of Angus ground beef, and a six inch Apple or Cherry pie.  I used the beef in spaghetti last night.  It cooked up very nicely with too much grease to drain off.  It also cooked up with a very fine crumb and that went very nicely with my spaghetti sauce.  The apple pie was small but was enough for each of us to have a decent sized SMALL portion.  I added some ice cream to mine to round it out.

This time around I have been pretty impressed with the quality of the offerings.  last time I was involved with a promotion from Private Selection I wasn't impressed.  I am glad that they are paying attention.

[I received free items either in the mail or in coupons to be used and then provide my honest review]