Monday, February 2, 2009

Rice pudding is my nemesis

So every month or so, instead of SAVING leftover rice to eat, I decide I just have to make some rice pudding.   Well I call it rice pudding, but growing up it was just called sweet rice.   So whatever you want to call it be my guest.   You take leftover rice and you dump a bunch of milk over it in a pan and you cook it for like 20 minutes at a simmer and sometime in there you add some sugar and spices of your choice.   I like cinnamon and nutmeg.   You simmer away and at about the 12-14 minute mark slowly stir in 2 beaten eggs.   (See the addition of eggs makes it pudding because pudding has eggs.   AND  if it didnt have eggs it would just me some milky sweet rice mixture that was just thrown together but because there is eggs you totally meant to make this gloppy mess)

But hell on wheels I just can't figure out why I make this stuff.   Imean I make it, set it on the counter to cool, have a very small portion of it usually consisting of me walking by about 10 times and jabbing my finger into it and tasting it...  then 24 hours later I come along and throw the stuff away because really I don't like it and no one else here will eat it.

So why do I make it? I don't have a clue.   I mean why does a man not ask for directions and why do Jehovah Witnesses ask you if you know jesus when obviously you are alive and they believe Jesus is the cause of all that so why do they go around asking unless they aren't sure in which case why are they asking me since I totally don't know.

So if you hear me say I plan on making rice pudding please remind me that I don't like it.

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Risa said...

Here, leftover rice is used to make fried rice (with whatever veggies, tofu, etc. we have one hand--cubed cooked meat works well here too). The other thing it is good for is as a filler / binder in a meat loaf (or faux-meat loaf like we do). Or just cook up less rice! :-)