Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kill your Laptop in one easy step

So, David is always telling me not to eat next to the laptop.  

David "You are going to spill something in it."

Me  "I am careful.  Besides you are always  saying that this laptop is made  to take a little spills"

So what did I do today?  I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, reading email, and eating/slurping soup.  When all of a sudden aliens took hold of my hands and used them to push my soup over so that it spilled into the keyboard of my laptop.... 

I  turned the laptop over right away.  Wiped up all the noticeable liquid.  Noticed that the light was still on around the power button.  PUSHED the button (now hmm I don't know why I did that) I heard the cdrom spin up, then spin down.  Then everything when Dark.  Totally dark.  Dark like in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy game when at each level  you reset to "Black, completely Black.  You can Hear nothing, See Nothing, taste nothing"

I am crossing my fingers that the laptop has a  moisture  sensor that causes it to shut down when it detects moisture, and that after it dries out it will work.  I can hope.  I don't think I am that lucky, but I can hope.


Gorgeous. said...

I DO hope you get it dried out soon!! Stick a hairdryer on it and see if that helps!! :} A friend of mine spilled a whole glass of red wine on hers ( and it was a BIG glass!! ) they eventually got it sorted out ,but that stuff's sticky!! :D

Good luck, Duck! ;d

Catonine said...

David had it all apart. I should have taken pictures. There isn't any obvious damage from the soup, and David is knowledgeable about electronics so I trust him when he says that there isn't any damage, but it still makes me sad that I don't have my own computer right now.