Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You can stay but you can't drive my car

So...  Christmas eve at the in laws.  Stay a couple of days or have a whirlwind go and come back?

I have this meme in my head.  This idea of a 'perfect' Christmas get together.  It actually involves a lot of imperfect scenarios meshing together to become an event that you look upon later as 'perfect'.   It means sleeping on an air mattress on the floor, trying to cook in a kitchen with 5 or more other women who are related either by blood or marriage.  It means watching slides or looking through pictures from 'way back' and reminiscing about 1982.  It means exposing your homeschooled children to elderly teacher aunts who feel it is their  god given duty to quiz said children on everything from reading to social activities.   It means listening  from around the corner while said child says something you totally would never want said elderly aunts to hear.  Gah but it all comes together because everyone is family, you can't be lonely with so many people around and the food is great.

Now that above 'perfect' actually comes close with a get together on my dad's side.  It happens every year after Christmas and for a weekend there are a lot of people in one place doing a lot of things and hopefully everyone leaves feeling like they are blessed to have such a  big nauseating family.

For Thanksgiving we were on our own.  David's parents didn't want us to come, they wanted a quiet normal pretend it  isn't a holiday, day.  My parents had to work.  

So now for Christmas.   We are going to drive the 5 hours to Abilene tomorrow (Xmas eve) and spend the night, then David will drive home Xmas day so that he  can go to work Friday and Saturday, then he will drive  back to Abilene saturday evening and spend the night and then we will all go home together Sunday.  Fun.  The Original Plan was that we would just spend the night on Xmas eve and then all go home Xmas day.   David's mom was like, " That is such a short stay  why can't you stay longer." 

heh OK.  

So I told David, " Tell your mom that the kids and I can stay and you will come home and then drive back to pick us up."  Dutifully (or nagged so much he did it to get me off his back) he calls her up and tells her that.  

So she says, "I have to ask you dad." 

heh. gah.choke.  


So I call back the next day to find out how  many days I need to pack for, and She says, "You can  stay but you can't drive my car.  I need  my car."

I have to  say, the only time I drive her car is when her and I go shopping or running errands.  She ASKS me to drive.  I never 'borrow' her car to do my own thing.

The only time I have driven a car of theirs it wasn't hers it was HIS and it was when I was there for two days after my Great Grandmother died in October of 2006.

Time to figure out how to write rants with out saying "SO" so so much.

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Alicia said...

Oh my! LOL Sorry Apes, and I hope it ends up being a really lovely Christmas after all. If you're going to be without a computer all that time I'll miss ya!

Merry Christmas!