Monday, December 8, 2008

Life goes on

My life has lately been revolving around how much help I am not getting around the house. Yes I am Mrs. Negativity. Mrs. Positive is on vacation, actually she went on vacation when I turned three and she hasn't come back.

My friend Gorgeous follows Flylady , I have seen pictures of her kids and in the background her house is just lovely. I want my house to be just like that.

I don't know if some people are 'born' with the ability to clean, but I really feel like I wasn't. I think I might somehow be shortchanging the kids by not being a good example and showing them how to pick up after themselves.

What do you do to keep the house clean?


Gorgeous. said...

Eh..... all I do is skoooch all the mess into a corner so it's out the way of the picture...!! ;D And I throw out or donate a lot of stuff. If it's not useFUL it's useLESS is one of my mottos! ;D Function AND Form is another! It has to be pretty and practical to stay in my house!!! :D Toys are such a trick. We only have a few toys really, just ones that are really well loved and played with. Other toys go to the children's home. I'm going to take a video of my house for ya soon, by the way! I haven't forgotten! ;D


Alicia said...

Mostly throw up my hands in despair.

Making everybody leave for several hours works well too, as long as I don't go waste my free time online. :)

I've seen Gorgeous in action so I know all her secrets. The big ones I've seen are 1) ruthlessly purge, all the time, 2) have routines to clean things up and do them all the time (I mean every time you're supposed to), and 3) have a place for everything. She has great storage systems (like the giant ottoman opens up to reveal cubes that hold blocks in one, cars in one...) but she also is good at getting rid of all but the basics.

Of course, I know all her secrets and I still can't keep my house clean. Sigh!