Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pizza biscuit muffins

I found a recipe for Pizza Muffins.  I am making them for dinner tonight.  Hopefully they will taste ok.  :-)  

I am still bummed about my laptop.  I have to get all my  info off the hard drive somehow.  We have a laptop hard drive enclosure but it might not fit this one.  Things are so complicated.      --big sigh--.  

David took the thing apart and he thinks that it was just a coincidence that the Laptop went out when it did.  He can't find where the soup would have made a problem.   My speakers went out last week, so I guess he could be right.  

I am still bummed though.  I really liked having a laptop and now, David has a computer and the kids have a computer, but I have to   --gasp--  share.  

If there are any vendors out there that need someone to 'test' a laptop for them   --waves hand madly in the air--   Pick me! Pick me!

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