Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I didn't and still don't look this good

I was reading blogs in my google reader and I saw this fun time waster at the blog  Good Mom Bad Mom.  She Morphed her daughter using a web ap called Puma Past Masher. The blog title is 'You don't want to know what your kid will look like in 10 years.'  If you like her writing she also has a blog called The Bloggess and sometimes I laugh so hard I pee my pants cry.

April - Ugly shirt.  Exactly something I might  have worn too.   The flute just reminded me of American Pie "One Time at Band Camp...".

Judith as a 14 year old.  Ugly shirt.  Didn't notice until just now that I chose the same shirt for both of us.

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Gorgeous. said...

i LOVE it!!! I've made one too...! I'll send it to you in a while! :D