Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have a Nutter. No I am not British, I just have a good
friend. Who is. British.
Davy is my nutter, my crazy kid,
my boy who likes to think up impossible scenarios and then ask you
about them.

Davy: "How do you lick something that can't be licked?"

Me: I just looked at him.

Davy: "Like your tongue!"

Then he laughed madly and ran away. I am not sure what to think of
that. Is he French kissing himself? Is he just wanting to taste
something new and different? HAHA He is 9. and a half.

He is so silly and funny sometimes. I really love him a lot :-) I
worry that he is too exuberant for groups though. He is the reason I
home school. Judy is the reason I became 'AP'.

Together both my children have taught me a different way of living and
handling life. isn't that what growing up is all about?


Stephanie said...

My son has this weird (to me) and obscure sense of humor right now. He's seven. Loves to laugh. Cracks himself up alot. A Lot! :)

Gorgeous. said...

LOL!! He IS a nutter!! ;D