Monday, January 26, 2009

Sensa media todo's and an update

I wanted to mention some recent articles that have been written on Sensa.

The first one is on the Daily Candy. I was checking the site out
after Amanda sent me the link and the Daily Candy seems like a hip fun
place. I like pages that have good articles and arrange them in such
an easy way to navigate.

The Daily Candy featured 2 articles about Sensa on January 7, 2009.
The links are below:

The two articles are good at distilling the main ideas about Sensa. I
like the Sensationally Thin one because it is all simply technical :-)

Today, Sensa is featured on the homepage on HSN and MSN. The links are below:
<*SENSA_DietProgramTS_BB_and_Launch*background> (Shopping Section on homepage)

This is a link to buy Sensa from HSN and there is also some reading
material on there about it. It is on Today's Special (1/26/2009) for
74.95 for a 2-month starter kit. If you visit the Daily Candy article
you can click through to a sale for 31 percent off on a 3 month
starter kit - the better deal.

I am on my 3rd week on Sensa. I feel ok, I am not constipated (more
of the opposite but not quite), my energy levels are good, and I am
losing weight... a little bit but still losing.

I want an electric treadmill but I don't want to pay $1000 or more. I
asked on freecycle but no luck. <sigh>

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