Monday, January 19, 2009


I weighed in this morning.

Oh you want to know?


I actually forgot to weigh in last week. so it has been 13 days since
my last weight check. 226.5 - 220.5 = 6

6 lbs in 13 days is almost half a pound a day. I am a cynic though
and think that it could be normal weight fluctuation.

To-do: take tape measure measurements. I will post these as a
separate post when I do them.

So that is the boring stuff.

How have I been doing with Sensa?

Sometimes I forget to use the sensa. I don't think it is very often.
for example, if we say 4 meals and 2 snacks a day, and I am forgetting
once every 2 days or so for a miss factor of 1 in 12 or 8 percent.
Not bad I think.

What kind of changes have I made in my routine because of Sensa?

using Sensa makes me think about what I eat / put in my mouth. How
can it not when everything must be sprinkled. In a controlled trial
of this product, I would think that there would need to be 3 groups.
The Sensa group, a group taught mindful eating, and a group that
didn't have a class on mindful eating. I expect that some of Sensa's
success has to do with being mindful of what you are eating along with
any science to the tastants.

I don't think I care. If it works then I am grateful.

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